Reverse a string using recursion in c

C code to reverse a string by recursion:

#define MAX 100
char* getReverse(char[]);

int main(){

    char str[MAX],*rev;

    printf("Enter  any string: ");

    rev = getReverse(str);

    printf("Reversed string is: %s",rev);
    return 0;

char* getReverse(char str[]){

    static int i=0;
    static char rev[MAX];

         rev[i++] = *str;

    return rev;

Sample output:

Enter any string: mona
Reversed string is: anom

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Saran said...

Local character array cannot return from any function. That have function scope only...

Saran said...

Local character array cannot return from any function. That have function scope only..

Saran said...

Any how this is static variable. Take memory in data segment only, but unallocate memory cannot used and string reverse must done in same string only..

CProgrammer said...

how can I reverse a string including spaces with recursion or not?

Anonymous said...

Plz explain step wise, the working of function 'get Reverse'. I am a beginner

Binoj said...


void reverse(char *str, char *res)
static idx = 0;
if ( *str != '\0')
reverse(str+1, res);
res[idx++] = *str;


int main()
char str[100];
reverse("binoj", str);
printf("%s", str);

Suren K said...

char * rec_rev_str(char * str) {
if(*str != '\0'){
char * ret = (char *)malloc(strlen(str));
char * tmp = rec_rev_str(str+1);
strcpy(ret, tmp);
tmp = NULL;
strncat(ret, str, 1);
} else {
strncat(ret, str, 1);
return ret;
return NULL;

Anand Barnwal said...

A recusive way to reverse the same string:

void reverse(char str[], int l, int h)

if(l < h){
swap(&str[l], &str[h]);
reverse(str, l+1, h-1);

Suman Reddy said...

int main()
char str[50];
void rev_str(char *ptr);
printf("Reverse of string\n");
void rev_str(char *ptr)
char i;



purushothaman poovai said...

the simple method to reverse input using recursion:

char ch=getchar();



Recursion finished by ch have '\n',so the function return to calling function,After printing the value of ch.
so it print the last character in begin,and each characters are printed before each function returns.

Unknown said...

hi , this code suppose to be likeur last recursion example : #include
void print_reverse() {char c;
scanf("%c", &c); if (c == '\n') return;

int main() {
printf("Input a line\n");
printf("\n"); return 0; }
I still dont get\ understand something about the way recursion works, can u please clarify ?
1 when ur getting the ch by getchar or scanf the fun is getting 1 char each time ? where is it saved? or does it save a string ?
2 how\ what is the flow the reverse the string ? or is it printing 1 char each time from the end ? thanks

Ramesh Ramakrishnan said...
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