Necessary fundamental knowledge before actual start of C Programming Language.

Basic knowledge

(1)List the five c compiler?

Note:- 8086 is 16 bit microprocessor while 80386 is 32 bit microprocessor.

(2) Describe turbo c compiler?

Turbo c compiler is one of the most popular c compiler.It is based on DOS operating system.It uses 8086 microprocessor which is 16 bit microprocessor. It has 20 address buses
and 16 data bus. It’s word length is two byte.
(3) What is hexadecimal number system ?

In hexadecimal number system we use 16 different digit so it’s base is 16

To convert the binary number into hexadecimal number:
Make the group of four binary digit from right to left put the equivalent hexadecimal digit using TABLE.
e.g binary number =11000111110101
group of four digit from right 11 0001 1111 0101
to make group of four digit of left most digit 11,add two zero to the left side i.e 0011
now put the equivalent hexadecimal digit form table
0011 0001 1111 0101
3...........1........ F ......5
So,equivalent hexadecimal number will be 31F5
(4) What will address range which can represent in 20 bit ?

in binary in hexadecimal

Minimum possible number 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
Maximum possible number 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 FFFF
In c any hexadecimal number start with 0x 0r 0X
So,address range will be 0x0000 to 0xFFFF
It is 1MB memory range.
2^10 = 1KB
2^20 = 1MB
2^30 = 1GB
Where 10,20,30 are number of bit.
(5)What is difference between TSR and TSO program?
Ans :-

TSO means terminate but stay outside.It is those program, which release the main memory after the execution of the program.e.g Vcd cutter, turbo c compiler.
TSR means terminate but stay residence .It is those program, which after the execution of the program does not release the RAM (main memory).e.g antivirus
(6)What is difference between .com program and .exe program?

Both .com and .exe program are executable program but .com program execute faster than .exe program.All driver are .com program.
(7) How many type of error in c ?


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