Create dir dos command in c programming language

C program or code to create DOS command DIR

Step 1: Write following code.

#include <stdio.h>

#include <dos.h>

int main(int count,char *argv[]){

struct find_t q ;

    int a;



    a = _dos_findfirst(argv[1],1,&q);


         while (!a){

             printf("  %s\n",;

             a = _dos_findnext(&q);




         printf("File not found");


    return 0;

Step 2: Save the as open.c (You can give any name)
Step 3: Compile and execute the file.
Step 4: Write click on My computer of Window XP operating system and select properties.
Step 5: Select Advanced -> Environment Variables
Step 6: You will find following window:

Click on new button (Button inside the red box)

Step 7: Write following:
Variable name: path
Variable value: c:\tc\bin\open.c  (the path where you have saved)

Step 8: Open command prompt and write list and press enter button.

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If you have any suggestions on above create dir command in c, please share us.


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