Basic java questions and answers

Basics core java questions and answers 

(1) Which of the following option is not true about java programming language? 

(a) Java is high level programming language.
(b) Java is a platform.
(c) javac is compiler.
(d) Byte code is executed by CPU. 

Answer: (d)

(2) Which is a not characteristic of java programming language? 

(a) Robust
(c) Distributed
(e) Multithreaded

Answer: (b)

(3) Which of the following is true about of java hotspot virtual machine? 

(a) It is additional virtual machine which improves the performance of an application.
(b) It is internal device which convert source code into byte code.
(c) It is virtual machine which detects runtime exception.
(d) All are true.

 Answer: (a)

(4) Which of the following is correct?

(a) Java platform is software only platform that runs on the top of other hardware based platform. 
(b) Java platform has two components: JVM, API.
(c) Java technology is programming language as well as platform
(d) All of the above.

 Answer: (d) 

(5) Which of them is a not command line tool?

(a) java
(b) javaw
(c) javapath
(d) javadoc 

Answer: (c) 

(6) Which of the following is correct about main method in java?

(a) Must be declared as public. 
(b) It must not return any value.
(c) Must be declared as static.
(e) Must accept string as a parameter.
(f) Above all are compulsory. 
(g) All are optional.

 Answer: (f)

(7) Which not true about API in java?

(a) API stands for application package interface. 
(b) It is large collection of software components.
(c) It is large array of useful class.
(d) It is grouped into the package of related class. 

Answer: (a) 

(8) Which of the following is correct? 


class MainClass {
     static public void main(String[] args) {
          System.out.println("Hello World!");


class MainClass {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
          System.out.println("Hello World!");


 class MainClass {
      static public int main(String[] args) {
           System.out.println("Hello World!");
           return 1;

(d) Both option (a) and (b)

 Answer: (d) 

(9) Which of the following is not true in java? 

(a) Java platform is bit faster than actual CPU platform.
(b) javac is compiler tool. 
(c) java command launch an application. 
(d) javadoc is documentation tool. 

Answer: (a) 

(10) What is difference between following two commands?

(i) java ClassName
(ii)javaw ClassName

Where ClassName.class is name of any class file. 

(a) Execution time of (i) is faster than (ii) 
(b) (i) is used to run in server machine while (ii) is used to run in client machine.
(c) (ii) is used to run in server machine while (i) is used to run in client machine. 
(d) (i) has console window while (ii) has not any console window. 

Answer: (d) 

(11) If any class file Binary.class is zipped in at c:\Test. Which of the following command line command is suitable to execute the zip file?

(a) java –classpath c:\Test\ Binary
(b) java –cp c:\Test\ Binary
(c) javaw –classpath c:\Test\ Binary 
(d) javaw –cp c:\Test\ Binary
(e) All of them are correct.

Answer: (e) 

(12) How can we set the following two path of class folder at a time in command prompt?

(i) c:\test
(ii) Current working directory.

(a) set classpath=c:\test;.
(b) set -cp=c:\test;.
(c) path=c:\test;. 
(d) PATH=. ; c:\test 

Answer: (a) 

(13) If Binary.class is present is at both of following directory

(i) c:\test
(ii) d:\raja

Which of them is true if following command is executed in the command prompt?

set cp=c:\test;d:\raja java Binary

(a) Binary.class, which is present in test folder will execute only.
(b) Binary.class, which is present in raja folder will execute only. 
(c) Binary.class, which are present in test and raja folders both will execute. 
(d) It will depend upon O.S.


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