Pointer to array of character in c

Pointer to array of character: A pointer to such an array which contents is character constants is known as pointer to array of character constant.

What will be output if you will execute following code?

char display(char (*)[]);

int main(){

char c;
char character[]={65,66,67,68};
char (*ptr)[]=&character;


return 0;

char display(char (*s)[]){
return **s;

Output: C

Explanation: Here function display is passing pointer to array of characters and returning char data type.

=>**ptr=**ptr+2 //s=ptr
=>**&character= **&character+2 //ptr=&character
=>*character=*character+2 //from rule *&p =p
=>character[0]=character[0]+2 //from rule *(p+i)=p[i]
=>character [0] =67
**s=character [0] =67

Note: ASCII value of ‘C’ is 67

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