How to write a code in c

Write any code in c language you must have two basic things:
1. Knowledge of syntax of c language.
2. Logic

To learn syntax of c language is very easy task. For a good programmer you must have own logic "how to do any task". C language is only used to convert you logic in text. This site is only helpful for to teach you syntax of c language that is easy part of any programming language also basic logic or approach how to write a c code. Most important point is logic of any code doesn’t come under c language. Now I am going to tell about c language.

1. Every c program start from main and ends with any null statement.
2. We can write preprocessor code in the c language to make it less platform dependent.
Basic syntax of c language is:
a. Include the header file which contains predefined function, data type etc.
b. One and only one main function
c. Any other function

All above three statements are optional.
Example of simple c program:    

#include<stdio.h>  //header file
int main(){
    printf("My first c program"); //to print any message.
    return 0;


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