Write a c program to find the roots of a quadratic equation

int main(){
    int a,b,c;
    double x,y,d;

    printf("Enter a , b , c of quadratic equation: ");

    //calculating the value of d
    d = sqrt(b * b - 4 * a * c);

    //Checking real solution is possible or not
         printf("Real number root is not possible");
    //finding the root of quadractic equation
    x = (-b + d) / 2 * a;
    y = (-b - d) / 2 * a;

    //printing the root of the quadractic equation
    printf("Solution of quadratic equation are %lf , %lf",x,y);

    return 0;


bibhu said...

in gcc compiler(ubuntu 15.03) it is not working

Unknown said...

Help me to solve this,,...

Declare and write a function that changes the value of the passed in argument, so that the caller of the function gets the changes from outside.

Rock said...
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