char in c

char data type in c

    It is one byte data type both in Turbo c compiler and Linux gcc compiler.

Memory representation of char:

    As we know data type may signed or unsigned. In memory both unsigned char and signed are stored in little different way.
Memory representation of unsigned char:

    As we know char is integral data type. It can store integer or ASCII value of any character. In memory its equivalent binary values is stored in 8 bit.
1. Memory representation of unsigned char a= 7;
Total size of unsigned char: 8 bit
Binary equivalent of data 7 in eight bit:  00000111
Data bit: 00000111

Here MSD stand for most significant digit and LSD for list significant digit.

2. Memory representation of signed char:

Total size of signed char: 8 bit
Those eight bits are use as:
Signe bit: 1
Data bit: 7

Note: In c negative number is stored in 2’s complement format. 

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