What is the ram of a computer?

What is the ram memory: Memory cell in computer

Entire RAM has divided in numbers of equal parts, which are
known as memory cells. Following diagram represents the 256

Each cell can store one-byte data. Data are stored in the
binary number system. That is a character data reserves one
memory cell while floating data reserves four memory cells.

Each memory cell has unique address. Address is always in
whole number and must be in increasing order. We will discuss
how a characters, integers etc. data are in stored in the
data type chapter. Just for now assume

int a = 4;

Here variables a stores in the memory in the flowing way:

If you know memory address of first cell is 0x5000 then
what would be the memory address of next memory cell?

It will 5001 since integer data always stores at
continuous memory location and as we know memory address
always in increasing order.

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