How to run c program

How to compile and run c programming language code in different compilers

Compilation and execution procedures can vary based on the compiler and integrated development environment (IDE). Here are instructions for different environments:

Turbo C++ 4.5:

To Compile: ALT + F9 or Project -> Compile
To Run: CTRL + F9 or Debug -> Run
Turbo C++ 3.0:

To Compile: ALT + F9 or Compile -> Compile
To Run: CTRL + F9 or Run -> Run
Linux GCC:

To Compile: gcc demo.c
To Run: ./a.out
Visual C++:

Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt
To Compile: cpp demo.c
To Run: demo

These commands provide a quick reference for compiling and running programs on different platforms and compilers.

If you encounter any issues running a C program, feel free to ask for assistance here.

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Anonymous said...

How to run a C pgm written in notepad (test.c) be run on Dos prompt?