Pointers tutorial in c

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1- Using pointers write a program that allow user to enter 5 integers in array, the program write the even numbers in the array1 and odd number in the array2.
2- Using the pointer write program to that allow user enter (no, name, age) to strut and print them.
3- Write program to insert values and print the number with its digits reversed. For example, given the number 7631, the program prints 1367 by using pointer.
4- Define struct students that contain the fields (std_no, std_name, std_mark) and declare pointer and allow user to enter 2 student data and then find and print the greater mark between two students by using pointer.
5- using the pointer write program to calculate
6- Using pointers write a program that print the average in an array of the first and last element (n) in an array , the second and (n-1) element , and so forth
2 7 1 3 4 5 6 8