Write a c program to find the area of a rectangle

C program for area of a rectangle

Formula of area of rectangle:

Area = length * width

C code:


int main(){

    float l,w;
    float area;

    printf("Enter size of each sides of the rectangle : ");

    area = l * w;
    printf("Area of rectangle is: %.3f",area);

    return 0;

Sample output:

Enter size of each sides of the rectangle: 5.2 20
Area of rectangle is: 104.000


Finding Area of a Rectangle said...

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Unknown said...


int main() {
int length, breadth, area;

printf("\nEnter the Length of Rectangle : ");
scanf("%d", &length);

printf("\nEnter the Breadth of Rectangle : ");
scanf("%d", &breadth);

area = length * breadth;
printf("\nArea of Rectangle : %d", area);

return (0);