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mayuresh/ shrimant said...



how to download this file?

Rahul Naidu said...

What is the output of the following code?


void main()


int arr[2][3][2]={{{2,4},{7,8},{3,4},}, {{2,2},{2,3},{3,4}, }};


the answer is 16
i did all possible combinations to figure it out
but was not able to
pz just help me out

Gilbert alexander.j said...

what is the output of the following program?
main ( )
int x=100, y=200;
print f ( "%d,(x>y)? x:y);

Gilbert alexander.j said...

what is the output of the following program? explain the output.

main( )
int x=10;
if ( x=20) print f("TRUE");
else print f ( "FALSE");

Gilbert alexander.j said...

plz just help me out

Rahul Chand said...

Gilbert the answer is TRUE because the if condition is TRUE. Think out of the box :P

Anonymous said...

The below code(7 question in above test) shows "Lvalue required" error while compiling. Plz explain answer. Thanks in advance.

int main(){
int i;
return 0;

Anonymous said...


Arun said...

Hi any one can tel me how to download these files?

bannu chocolate said...


dinesh kumar said...

just click the pop out option on top of this file and download from google drive. hope this helps.

Nagaraju muthyala said...

u declare that x=10 after u cheak the condition with if. the condition is false the it executes else statement
output is false

Nagaraju muthyala said...

the op is error becoz u didnt mention " " in printf
we should write the condition like this

nikitha rajes said...

How to download the file

ssss said...

just click up arrow like icon on the top of this file....u will find an download option

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