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Test your C programming language skills  for written test exam  and interview pdf free download 

This PDF documents keeps tricky questions and answers to test your c skills.  To free download the pdf doc go to the File  ->  Download Original 


Anonymous said...

can anyone pls explain the solution for 5th question. when the run the I get the output as 43. but i would like to the logic behind it

Tharun kumar G said...

++arr[++x] is parsed x=1(pre-increment)
thrfore ++arr[++x] is equivalent to ++arr[1] which gives 20+1=21

21+ ++x + arr[--x]

21+2+ arr[--x] since x is pre-incremented


23+arr[1] since x is predecremented

Anonymous said...

21+ ++x+arr[--x]



23+21 since arr[1] is already pre-incremented the value of arr[1] is 21


Anonymous said...

answer should be equal to 43

Anonymous said...

i cant find the download original link. please post the link