C with pointers

Factorial program in c using pointers

1. String Concatenation using Pointers in C:
Explore the fusion of two strings through pointer manipulation in a C program.

2. Utilizing Pointers for 2D Array Access in C:
Uncover the intricacies of accessing a 2D array using pointers in the realm of C programming.

3. Bubble Sort with Pointers in C:
Delve into the world of pointer-based bubble sort as you organize elements in ascending order in a C program.

4. Pointer-Based Binary Search in C:
Navigate the implementation of binary search using pointers, a powerful tool in the C programming arsenal.

5. Reversing a String with Pointers in C:
Decode the elegance of string reversal using pointers in a C program, demonstrating a concise and efficient approach.

6.Matrix Multiplication in C with Pointers:
Unleash the potential of pointers to perform matrix multiplication, elevating your C programming skills.

7.Efficient String Reversal in C using Pointers:
Master the art of reversing a string through pointer manipulation, showcasing an optimized C program.

8. Number Swap using Pointers in C:
Harness the power of pointers to seamlessly swap two numbers in a C program, optimizing your code.

9.Pros and Cons of Pointer Usage:
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of employing pointers in C, gaining insights into this powerful programming feature.

10.Array Element Access with Pointers in C:
Dive into the fundamentals of accessing array elements using pointers, enhancing your understanding of C programming.

11.Stack Implementation in C using Pointers:
Construct a stack using pointers in a C program, unlocking the potential for efficient data manipulation.

12.Substring Search with Pointers in C:
Engineer a program that finds substrings using pointers, showcasing a dynamic and efficient C solution.

13.Pointer-Based Minimum Value Search in an Array:
Craft a C program to identify the smallest number in an array, employing pointers for an optimized search.

14.Linked List Manipulation in C with Pointers:
Embark on a journey into linked list programming using pointers, unveiling the versatility of this data structure in C.

15.Reversing a Linked List with Two Pointers:
Explore the intricacies of reversing a linked list using two pointers, an advanced technique in C programming.

16.Matrix Addition in C using Pointers:
Unlock the potential of pointers for matrix addition in C, demonstrating a streamlined and efficient approach.

17.Queue Implementation in C with Pointers:
Construct a queue using pointers in a C program, enhancing your ability to manage data structures efficiently.

18.Efficient String Copy using Pointers in C:
Master the art of string copying with pointers, showcasing a concise and optimized C program.

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