What is pointer in c programming?

Explain pointers in c

A pointer is a user-defined data type that allows the creation of specialized variables capable of storing the memory address of primitive data types such as char, int, float, double, or user-defined data types like functions and pointers, as well as derived data types like arrays, structures, unions, and enums.

int *ptr;

int (*ptr)();
int (*ptr)[2];

In C programming, every variable holds two types of values:

  1. 1. Content of the Variable: This refers to the actual value stored in the variable.
  2. 2. Address of the Variable: This is the memory address where the variable is stored.

(1) Meaning of following simple pointer declaration and definition:
int a=5;
int * ptr;


Regarding variable 'a':

  1. 1. Name of Variable: a
  2. 2. Value Contained: 5
  3. 3. Memory Address: 1025 (assumed)

Regarding variable 'ptr': 4. Name of Variable: ptr

  1. 1. Value Contained: 1025
  2. 2. Memory Address: 5000 (assumed)

Pictorial representation:

Note: The location in memory where a variable is stored is determined by the operating system. It is not possible to predict the exact location where a particular variable will be stored in memory.

(2) Meaning of following pointer declaration and definition:
int a=50;
int *ptr1;
int **ptr2;


Regarding variable 'a':

Name of Variable: a
Value Contained: 50
Memory Address: 5000 (assumed)
Regarding variable 'ptr1':
4. Name of Variable: ptr1

Value Contained: 5000
Memory Address: 9000 (assumed)
Regarding variable 'ptr2':
7. Name of Variable: ptr2

Value Contained: 9000
Memory Address: 9555 (assumed)

Pictorial representation of above pointer declaration and definition:

  • * is recognized as the indirection operator, providing the content of any variable.
  • & is identified as the reference operator, furnishing the address where the variable is stored in memory.

Cancellation rule of above two operators:
* and & operators always cancel to each other i.e.

But it is not right to write:

Simple example:

What will be output of following c program?
int main(){

    int x=25;
    int *ptr=&x; //statement one
    int **temp=&ptr; //statement two
    printf(“%d %d %d”.x.*ptr,**temp);
    return 0;

Output: 25 25 25
As we know value of variable x is 25.

*ptr= *(&x) //from statement one
=x //using cancellation rule

**temp= **(&ptr)=*(*&ptr)=*ptr=*(&x)=*&x=x=25

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Suresh said...

Good questions to learn pointers....

nidhi said...

can u xplain me y u write
int *ptr=&x;
as dis
*ptr= *(&x)

krp said...

you can write it another way
int x;
int *ptr;

in short you can write

int x;
int *ptr=&x;

that's all

heena said...

**temp= **(&ptr)=*(*&ptr)=*ptr=*(&x)=*&x=x=25
whats the meaning of this line

Afiz S said...

**temp= **(&ptr)=*(*&ptr)=*ptr=*(&x)=*&x=x=25

let me divide this into small pieces. left to right
*&x=x // x=25
x=25 (*and& will cancellation rule)
jut like that finally you will get

**temp = **(&ptr)=25 (*and& will canceled)
**temp=25; (temp is pointer to another pointer variable called ptr)

*temp: address of pointer ptr
**temp : is content of x variable

Satheesh said...

nice work.............thanks


c programming language is simple and the best language............

u can solve any problem here...
but u should knowledge about "c"

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mohit said...

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mohit said...

when i run the program in c
int *ptr;
ptr=new int;
delete ptr;
It gives the output as
but as in this tutorial it is written that it is not right to write &*p=p;
but the above result shows that its right???

Sandwich Enthusiast said...

Mohit you are mixing dialects of C...the snippet you ionserted is C++, and pointer notation in C++ isn't the same as C

sumaya zama Syed said...

Thank u soooooooooooooo much for helping me understand the concept of pointers & i hav a small doubt that is,is this a formula for pointer"a=5;ptr=&a"right......?plz send me rply

bimal shah said...

Thanks a lot for such an excellent clear concept. Really,sir....u r the master...sir i have small doubt in line[printf(“%d %d %d”.x.*ptr,**temp); ] is it .x. Or ,x, i.e [ printf(“%d %d %d”,x,*ptr,**temp);